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EnergyLab Sports started to look at and solve several of the problems and failures plaguing the cycling sport and race wheels including price...
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Review - Reveries of a Cyclopath, Reveries of a Cyclopath Blog site recently did a full product review of EnergyLab Race Wheels along with the Schwalbe tires

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QB Regional Manager Opportunity

EnergyLab Sports, quickly becoming a leader in performance carbon race wheels in Canada is adding a contract Regional Sales Manager in the province of Quebec. The roles and growth within this team is expanding rapidly and key members of the team will quickly find themselves new opportunities based on their involvement and success within the organization.

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STW - Symetrical Toroidal Wing

Using a symmetrical toroidal design is the best of both worlds. Cyclists receive outstanding aerodynamics...

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HDC - Braking Control

Slowing down and stopping safely is important. When riding you will eventually need to transfer that speed to friction energy by braking...

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Leading Technology

Impressive Canadian designed and engineered carbon cycling wheels officially launches. Press Release in Pedal Magazine...

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