VC 75 - Clincher Set
VC 75 - Clincher Set
This set-up is with the Custom Red Decals that are additional but look great.

VC 75 - Clincher Set

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 Great combination for the triathlete and TT specialist wanting good control off the front with a VC60, but power and speed with a VC90 rear.

Estimated ship within 5 to 7 business days of order. 

NOTE: These wheels are the New Logo we just have not completed the photos.

Custom Colour Option

VC 75 Series

Weight 1820 grams - avg running weight
Rim Aero Wide Toroidal
Hub EnergyLab Force 
Spokes Bladed Aero


UD Carbon
Width 27 mm
Tire Style Clincher
Rim Depth 59 mm / 89mm
Braking Track Carbon
Spoke Count 20 / 24
Spoke Pattern 2 Cross
Spoke Nipple Internal
Max. Pressure/23C 115-125 psi/7.6-8.6 bars
Max. Pressure/25C 95-105 psi/6.6-7.3 bars
Combined Load: 245lbs / 111kgs
Tubeless Ready

*Riding in the recommended psi/bar results in the best rolling resistance for maximum performance, comfort and safety.

NOTE: All wheels include Quick Releases & Brake Pads Excluded on Disc Brake wheels.