EVERYONE HAS A STORY...EnergyLab Sports started as a small Western Canadian company of passionate cyclists look to solve several of the problems plaguing top marketed wheels, including price...During the early days the company focused on its relationships with the people in the know, the bike stores' warranty managers, mechanics and owners. They explained all of the problems and customer pains, from carbon failures to cracked rims, broken spokes to failed bearings, braking problems to cracked hubs. 

From this long list of known and secret recalls problems, EnergyLab started putting ideas to paper. A major goal was reliability, which started a second list of Effective Engineering Design. These were well known, proven, trusted and true engineering solutions. Our hub system, called "Force", is exceptionally responsive, fast and 95% rebuildable for longevity and durability for years to come. The performance sport and race rims are called Velocity Control, VC for short. Engineering leveraged current aerodynamic designs for superior performance, comfort and introduced effective manufacturing processes to keep the cost low. 

Tom - Master Wheel Builder

 I really have two responsibilities as part of the EnergyLab team. First, is to beat the crap out of the wheels to make sure they can handle Canadian road, weather and riding. Chances are if you have seen me riding around Calgary I'm doing wheelies and slamming curbs.Is it scientific? No, I leave that to the engineers.Is it the real world? Hell ya! So, if you don't think EnergyLab wheels are the toughest and fastest wheels made in Canada let me know.Second, I make sure every wheel is being built as if I'm making them for my mom! Ya, she rides to. Every wheel that leave EnergyLab has been weighed, receives a serial number and is signed off and I make sure of that. Personally, I make sure every set of wheels built can come right off the shelf and be shipped to one of our Canadian Olympic athletes or you without compromise.
EnergyLab Simply Canadian Tough

Understand Aerodynamics is key for handling and performance... In 2016 Kazak Group of companies the parent company for EnergyLab Sports decided to move its development technology to AeroLab Tech which is now a leading innovator in Real World Aerodynamic performance.

As a passionate riders we all know the moment everything is working in unison. You are cutting through the air as the road blurs below your feet, validating every watt of power your legs are transmitting to the road. In a perfect world, every watt of energy put into the pedals should translate into optimal road performance. At AeroLab, it is our goal to make your world perfect.​Our real world aerodynamic sensor enables riders to make critical decisions for optimizing their performance. 

What equipment is best for a given race? What tires and pressure is best for my race wheels? Will a disc wheel really be faster?

 Why am I slower on the second half of my race but my input power was higher?​Supporting wind tunnel testing, we are discovering that the aerodynamic performance of frames, wheels, helmets and other equipment changes significantly with environmental conditions and is also rider dependent. It is well known that a rider can be as much as 75-90% of the resistance experienced. The AeroLab Tech sensor system can be used to test and log changes to your equipment and body position. Let our optimization algorithms run race course simulations and determine the best combination of equipment to use on race day.