VC 60 Demo Proud Canadian - Clincher Set

VC 60 Demo Proud Canadian - Clincher Set

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The are the coolest Proud Canadian products for cyclist! We just got back and people wanted to by the demos but we had to hold onto them until now!

Get them while they last.

The EnergyLab team has just come back from a series of races and we have a few demo samples to sell off. these wheels have little to no riding but cant be sold as new. You sale!

NOTE: Limited Stock

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VC 60 Series

Weight 1670 grams - avg running weight
Rim Aero Wide Toroidal
Hub EnergyLab Force 
Spokes Bladed Aero
Material UD Carbon
Width 25 mm
Tire Style Clincher
Rim Depth 59 mm
Braking Track Carbon
Spoke Count 20 / 24
Spoke Pattern 2 Cross
Spoke Nipple Internal
Max. Pressure/23C 115-125 psi/7.6-8.6 bars
Max. Pressure/25C 95-105 psi/6.6-7.3 bars
Combined Load: 245lbs / 111kgs
Tubeless Ready

*Riding in the recommended psi/bar results in the best rolling resistance for maximum performance, comfort and safety.

NOTE: All wheels include Quick Releases & Brake Pads Excluded on Disc Brake wheels.